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     The use of the word CULTURE was varied over the centuries. In the Latin spoken in Rome originally meant "farming", and then, by extension, metaphorically, "Human culture species." Alternated with civilization, which also derives from Latin1 and was used as opposed to savagery, barbarism, or at least rusticity. Civilized man was polite.
     Desde el siglo XVIII, el romanticismo impuso una diferencia entre civilización y cultura.
     The new theoretical currents of contemporary sociology and anthropology redefined the term, contradicting the Romantic conceptualization. Culture is understood in a social sense. When "CULTURE China" is said "Maya Culture" is becoming very different from that usage, refers to the various aspects of life in these societies.
     This sense CULTURE implies a much greater respect for the human beings. First, prevents discrimination between "learned men" and "uneducated men" that the term could be from Romanticism, will be discussed cultural differences, if at all. Second, it also prevents discrimination against people who, like the Native Americans were viewed by Europeans as "savages" by the mere fact of having "culture" different.
     In one sentence Writer "Gabriel Garcia Marques" "Culture, is the use of different social knowledge."
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